Our full-service programs recover delinquent accounts receivable through dispute resolution, payment options and consolidation counseling... all using our principles of integrity, professionalism and performance.

  • We can reach over 90% of customers with valid contact information.

Advantages of Full Service Collection Service

  • Best in Class Collection Service Increases Cash Flow with Integrity 
    Highly trained collection professionals work with your customers to instill in them a desire to repay their debt and preserve their relationship with you.
  • Enhance Your Staff Productivity
    Our accounts receivable management solutions will allow your internal staff to concentrate on more involved accounts.
  • Accurate, Timely Information
    Our collectors utilize automated skip-tracing and real-time access to a national database containing the most up-to-date consumer credit and location information.  We constantly re-work the accounts because we know that financial situations can change quickly.
  • Confidence in Nationwide Collection
    We are licensed and bonded in all fifty states so you can rest assured that, no matter where your customer resides, we will follow accepted guidelines and procedures.
  • Advanced Technology Means More Dollars from Your Customers
    Our predictive dialing system automatically dials and screens calls so our collectors can work hundreds of accounts per day.
  • Quality Control
    We record all inbound and outbound calls and allow you access to recordings concerning your customers.
  • Early Delinquency Management
    Target delinquent accounts sooner with our early-stage mail and telephone contact programs designed to remedy accounts that could become delinquent if left too long.
  • Permanent Credit File Placement
    Because of our relationship with major credit repositories, you have the ability to place delinquent account information in the consumer’s permanent credit file, motivating many to pay.
  • Service and Support is Always Top-of-Mind
    Whether you’re working with our in-house technical support team or need assistance handling customer complaints, FirstPoint raises the bar of customer service for our industry.