ACT is an integrated system solution, configured by Equifax, that enabled Canopy Partners to automate their debt recovery and revenue cycle process. ACT's payment prediction data allows the practice to better assess the ability of their patients to pay their medical debt. Predictive scoring information includes healthcare payment, bankruptcy and income. Though immediate financial assessment of patient accounts, Canopy Partners can focus their efforts on patients most likely to pay and prioritize the daily workload to make the most efficient use of available resources. This best-practice approach results in a more refined collections strategy, increased productivity and ultimately improved margins.

What the client has to say:

"Due to higher deductible and HSA plans, Canopy Partners has experienced a massive volume of patient balances over the last couple of years. Our management team determined that the time was right to invest in technology that would help us to more effectively handle this laborious process.

Secrets to Success:

  • Client's trust of the FirstPoint brand resulting from prior positive experiences with FirstPoint service providers.
  • Customized, multi-solution approach to solving the client's problem.
  • Solution is backed by the power of Equifax.